At PRONAR in Poland: Business as usual

The PRONAR range of shredders, drum screens, stockpile conveyors and windrow turners combines technical rugged construction with state-of-the-art technology. With bauma 2019, we strengthened our efforts to further increase the market coverage for these PRONAR products. You can get an overview of the complete range at

A decisive characteristic of PRONAR is our staff of 2,000 employees, working in seven modern factories. Our total floor space equals the size of eighty soccer fields. High manufacturing depth is part of our company-DNA, so we do not have to depend on just-in-sequence part deliveries.

We are aware of the risks associated with the epidemic and are analyzing the situation on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we plan production in such a way that the safety of our employees is not jeopardized, and orders processed as planned. This is our undoubted advantage. In our production, we largely use products from our own factories. Purchasing components, in turn, reach the production line on time thanks to rational warehouse policy.

Despite the crisis, we even note a great increase in interest for our recycling machines. Whoever wants to get an overview of some instantly available PRONAR machines can see them at

As usual, PRONAR is capable of providing our dealer network – and thus each and every customer in Germany – with spare parts and accessories for our complete product program.

Mateusz Pietruszka, Recycling Product Manager at PRONAR

The company was founded in 1988 in northeast Poland. Since then, we successfully strived for the leadership as a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and transportation industry in Poland.