Blog rules

Blog rules

1. Fair Togetherness

Also in the virtual world of the internet, common rules of decent behaviour when dealing with one another should not be forgotten or neglected. Industry Pulse is a communication platform for real people, this is why everyone shall express themselves understandable and not annoy with senseless comments.

2. No Illegal or Unethical Content

Posts with offense or infringement of the law, being unethical or containing pornographic, extreme right-wing, racist, discriminating, sexist, satanic, glorifying violence, offensive, defamatory, bad for business or elsewhere inacceptable content and links to respective content will not be published on Industry Pulse. The editors have the right to erase or not publish content of this kind without previous notice to their author.

3. No Encouragement to Irresponsible Action

Industry Pulse will not tolerate encouragement or advertising for irresponsible, hazardous to health, violent, illegal or ethically problematic action. A likewise behaviour will lead to an exclusion from this blog.

4. Criticism

Opinions are desired, also critical ones. Insults, invectives or threats are unwanted and shall be refrained. Industry Pulse communicates objective and constructive, also if opinions are differing. Every user has the right to voice criticism or to react to criticism.

5. Dialogue

A community lives from its vivid exchange. That means, there can occur different opinions. Industry Pulse offers everyone a possibility to give their opinion. Of course, it is expected, that no other person will be insulted, disparaged or infringed in its personal right.

6. Off-topic Comments

Comments not taking up or coping with the topic of a contribution will be hidden.

7. Please Note the Nettiquette

Nettiquette, politeness and sense of tact are of high priority. An ethical adequate, friendly behaviour is expected.

8. Content & Data

Users of Industry Pulse may only publish content that does not infringe usage rights resp. copyright laws. Many data (i.e. photographs, videos) may not be used, changed, multiplied or forwarded without allowance of the author. This applies also to messages received. Data of other users will be used confidential.

9. Copyright

Copyright, trademark and name rights may not be infringed. Text and pictures being covered by copyright and not being owned by their user may not be published. Please do not quote complete articles/texts, as these are protected by copyright.

10. Misuse

Every misuse and every gross violation of the Industry Pulse rules will lead to exclusion of the person in charge and its content.